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The Travel: toward Cardito


The Travel of Transhumance, “In Transhumance: on foot with the sheep as once upon a time the shepherds went”, was on foot or on horse for 20 (12) km route from Patarico (Rocchetta) to Cardito at the beginning of the summer and from Cardito to Patarico (Rocchetta) at summer end.
The route went along trails and small roads with many stops, with breakfast, lunch and dinner with typical zero-mile foods.
Overnight stays in services selected for their environmental sustainability (farm reception, camping, or diffuse hotel).
The route had level variations more than 300 meters high and a proper equipment was needed: mountain boots, wind- and rainproof jackets, etc…
Along the route different faces of the typical Central Apennine landscape could be admired: oak and pine forests, mountain pastures, hills and mountains, Scandarello lake, old sheep trails and historical paths, old churches, chapels, drinking troughs, etc.

But the most characteristic moment was represented by the historical parade along Amatrice course, with mules equipped, riders, vintage bull carts, women and children traditionally dressed, pipe and accordion musicians, ….and a lot of sheep of Laconne and Typical Apennine Sopravvissana breed.

The route on 2014 changed: it was now shorter (about 12 km), it started from the village of Rocchetta instead of Patarico and it enabled to see the old church of Filetta instead of the lake of Scandarello.


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