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presentation of the Pecorino Cheese of Amatrice & Laga Mountains Producers Association: "L’Amatriciano – Il Pecorino dei Monti della Laga"


The official presentation of the Association was held at the Polo Agroalimentare of the National Park of Gran Sasso & Laga Mountains in Amatrice (Rieti) on September the 14th 2014. Farmers, Breeders, Technicians and Local Public Servants participated to this event.

During the event was presented the Association founded by 14 local Producers, aiming at recovering the ancient tradition of the pecorino cheese that in the past was made on these mountains. This was the main ingredient firstly of the "Spaghetti alla Gricia" and further on of the "Spaghetti all'Amatriciana". The production area is the Laga Mountains territory. The distinctive attention of the Association will be on ensuring that every stage of the production will be done inside the boundaries of the territory circumscribed by the Laga Mountains, at more than 600 meters above the sea level. In this way the production will be inscribed with the label "Mountain product".

The cheese of the Association is made following a specific production rule, elaborated thanks to the collaboration of the Prof. Giampiero Negrini, download the production rule (in Italian, PDF 502 Kb) The cheese production is already started and it is labelled by a specific trade mark.

During the event the Association was presented by Rinaldo D'Alessio (Chairman of the Association), Giampiero Negrini, Vincenzo Di Giacinto, Amadio Lancia (Latium Region) and Antonio Di Carlantonio, (Mayor of Campotosto).

For more information:
Consorzio di Tutela de "L'Amatriciano - Il Pecorino dei Monti della Laga",
via Roma, 25,
67013 Campotosto (AQ) ITALY



Some moments of the event


from the left: G.Negrini, R.D'Alessio, V.Di Giacinto
the Trade Mark of the cheese
the speech of A.Lancia
the public debate

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